Have you registered for taking the PTE exam?

If yes, plan this route to reach your desired score. The journey begins from basics.

PTE-A Exam Aspirants often carry different mindset and have a different perception of the PTE Exam. To sum up, some aspirants make these two separate statements about the exam:-

Statement 1: “It’s just an English Test. It’s very easy to clear.

Statement 2: “It’s an English Proficiency Exam. It will surely require some preparation”.

Which one are you?

If you are amongst the aspirants who make the first statement, then clearing the PTE Exam seems to be a bit vague and difficult to achieve the feat.

And, if you are amongst the aspirants who make the second statement, then you are on your way to learn, practice and achieve.

But before you get into the regular cycle of gathering material online and starting your PTE preparation you got to answer a few questions that will build not only a positive perception but also a mindset to achieve your desired PTE Score. Answer to these questions will definitely change the way you prepare for the exam and your approach towards the PTE Test.

1. Stop for a while and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the PTE Exam?
  • How much score do you want to achieve?
  • How to start preparing for the exam?
  • How much should you prepare?
  • What is the PTE-A Exam?

PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. It is the test that assesses your proficiency in the English language. It is required if you want to settle or study abroad. This test has got four different sections through which it assesses your different English skills like oral skills, your fluency, pronunciation etc. The sections are speaking, reading, writing & listening, which has tasks that have tasks that contribute to each other sections. You are marked out of 90 marks & you get your result in 5 working days.

2. How Much Score do you want to achieve?

After you have understood what PTE exam is all about; it’s the time for you to decide how much score you want to achieve in the test. Knowing your desired score will help you build the mindset that is required and also will help you decide the level of preparation and the way you proceed to prepare for the test.  For example, you only need a score of 65 in the test, and you are a native speaker, then a mid-level preparation for the exam is enough for you.

3. How to start preparing for the PTE Exam?

Are you also amongst those aspirants who think that piling up Webpages and hunting the internet for study materials is the first thing you must do after opting to take the PTE Test?

And if unfortunately, your answer to this is yes. Then you must rethink and plan again for your PTE preparations.

All-in-one: A perfect PTE Preparation plan

If you have been surfing the internet for an individual platform for different learning ways, then stop immediately.

Get on a platform that provides you with samples questions that you can practice with, scored and unscored tests, an exam like environment and highly informative study materials like Exam Memories Materials that cover previous year’s exam questions. The platform should also give you an option to learn through informative videos and blogs. You must also be able to have an opportunity to learn from anywhere at any time; like a mobile application. And the most priority is to a platform that delivers all this knowledge by the PTE Experts. For example, PTE Tutorials is one such platform.

4. How Much Should you prepare?

Well, this is the question that has no definite answer as it depends upon your grasping and learning power though it is always believed and is true that practice is never enough.

Practice as much as you can.

But make sure that you do not keep practising till the end moment and make yourselves nervous about the exam.


PTE has never been easy for who misunderstood it to be easy, and it has been a smooth journey for those who prepare smartly for the exam. PTE Success Road Map has got four milestones.

PTE- desired score-preparation plan- stop practising.

Follow this to make your preparation journey smooth. Choose the preparation platform that provides you with an expert’s guidance and regular assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you receive regular tips & tricks from the experts.

Plan Smart. Start preparing.